ANALYSIS: NRM won qualitatively in Eastern than in the North

By Innocent Vuga

In Summary: Out of 28 elected MPs in Acholi, NRM got only 14 (50%) compared to 35 (80%) elected NRM MPs in Busoga out of 44. Regionally, out of 98 MPs in the North, NRM & NRM Independents are 70 (71%) compared to 91% (153) NRM & NRM Independent MPs from the East out of 166.

A qualitative statistical analysis done on the just concluded general elections has revealed that the ruling National Resistance Movement party did far better in Busoga and the whole Eastern region than in Acholi and the North.

The analysis done by the party strategists looking at how to consolidate power for the next five years, indicates that Eastern is going to be the most favorite region, after Western, to sell and implement the ruling party agenda.

It carefully looked at the political composition of the representatives the voters in Eastern region sent to the national assembly to front their views and also decide on the matters that affect their day-to-day life.

In Acholi it has now emerged that out of 28 MPs, NRM got only 14 (50%) and in Busoga out of 44 MPs, NRM got 35 (80%).

Table showing MP election results from Acholi sub-region.

In Busgoga out of the 44 MPs elected, NRM bagged 35, Independents 5, FDC 2, JEEMA 1 and NUP 1.

Elected MPs from Busoga

Table showing elected MPs from Busoga

Regionally, out 98 elected MPs in the North, NRM & NRM Independents are 70 (71%) compared to 91% (153) NRM & NRM Independent elected MPs from the East out of 166.

It is now apparent that voters in the Eastern region love NRM party more and their vote in the presidential election was largely meant to send a message to the Government on the economic issues and the yet to be fulfilled pledges.

Several analysts, including the NRM Deputy Secretary General, Richard Todwong, have already said that the NRM win in Northern Uganda is because of the deliberate rehabilitation programs in the region.

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