Bishop Kaziimba Tells Nakalema to Trust God to Defeat Corruption

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Steven Kaziimba Mugalu has called on the staff of the State House Anti- Corruption Unit to have total trust in God in order to achieve their set goals.

The Archbishop made the call recently at the Anti- Corruption Unit offices in Kampala when he led the personnel in a fellowship. The event was co-celebrated by the Provost of the All saints Cathedral in Kampala, Dr.
Rebecca Nyegenye.

“Let us have our total trust in God. Hospitality and generosity are vital in our lives. The Anti –Corruption Unit staff should not fight each other but must work together as a team to defeat the enemy corruption,” he said, urging
them to support one another. He was pleased to note that the ACU officers are disciplined.

He commended the Head of the Anti –Corruption Unit Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema for respecting God and thanked the staff for their unwavering commitment to duty. While quoting the book of Acts in the Bible, he gave the congregation the example of Cornelius who was always committed to God. He described Cornelius as a person who was very prayerful and generous. He noted that a hospitable person must have a cause that pushes him to be generous.

Archbishop Mugalu reminded the staff that when one prays he cannot leave God unshaken. He added that prayer is a powerful tool and observed that they have got many battles and can only win them when they go on
their knees.

“Once you have God in the first place in your heart He will never abandon you,” he said adding that when they work under pressure, it will lead them to pleasure. He committed the staff to God for their protection.
The State House Head of the Anti- Corruption Unit Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema urged the Anti-Corruption unit staff to continue with the spirit of working together under commitment to God.

“The personnel have made my life easy as we continue working as a team,” she said. She thanked the Archbishop for leading them in the fellowship and noted that the message he gave them would move them
courageously. She also thanked him for leading them in prayers and for blessing them.

She thanked Alice Komuhangi Kauka of the office of the Director of Public Prosecution for her outstanding contribution to the Anti- Corruption Unit.

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