Cecilia Ogwal Outlines 14 Points Program for Dokolo, Lango

By Akech Oilvia
Veteran opposition politician Cecilia Ogwal has enumerated 14 points major programs she is going to earnestly embark on in her next term of office in 2021 to 2026.
Hon. Cecilia, who was successfully nominated on Thursday last week to continue representing the people of Dokolo as Woman Member of Parliament, said development and the wellbeing of the people she leads are crucial and promised to assertively handle them.

“The essence of leadership is looking for solutions to our constituents problems and I have come out with key priority areas which I am earnestly going to deal with in the next term,” said Hon Cecilia.

Hon. Cecilia Ogwal’s 14 Point Program

  • Construction of Amodo bridge to ease transport for the people and goods.
  • Construction of Dokolo District hospital in Adwoki to enhance health service delivery coverage in the district.
  • Continue to lobby for special funding for Lira University to improve higher education learning in Lango sub-region and the whole North and North Eastern regions.
  • Continue to follow up the issue of Lango Cooperative Union to help our farmers get market and better price for their produce.
  • Prioritize girl child education to make them productive and purposeful citizens.
  • Prioritize compensation of war claimants for loss of valuable properties and cattle (Dok Alangi) for the beneficiaries to venture into income generating activities.
  • Compensation of Amuka and or those who served in the military before, during and after UPC government.
  • Revival of Lira Spinning Mill and Cassava processing plants to create jobs, ready market for locally produced raw materials and numerous associated direct and indirect benefits.
  • Involvement of youth in commercial farming and wealth creation to improve on their standards of living and explore enterprising skills.
  • Fast track on medical insurance for all to save our people from various treatment difficulties and also save lives and have a healthy productive society in Uganda.
  • Continue to expose disparity in regional development and lobby for affirmative action in addressing areasin deep poverty.
  • Push for domestication of AU Charter on gender 50/50 parity.
  • Fast track on improvement of welfare of LCs and distribution of bicycles to facilitate their work.
  • To improve performance of MPS and lower level legislatures through training by Institute of Parliamentary Studies.
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