Col. Aheebwa Takes Over as Deputy Chief Political Commissar of the UPDF

  1. Col Ba-hoku Barigye has today handed over the office of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces’ (UPDF) Deputy Chief Political Commissar (D/CPC) to Col Nelson Aheebwa.

Col Ba-hoku will now move to his new deployment as the Defence Attaché’ to Cuba.

The presiding officer and UPDF Chief Political Commissar (CPC) Maj Gen Henry Masiko commended the President for tirelessly working towards professionalizing the UPDF into a modern Force.

He reminded soldiers that the army’s strength is directly hinged on its strategic relationship with the people based on a pro-people ideology, which he said, should be sustained for peace, stability and economic prosperity of the country.

The CPC urged both the outgoing and incoming Officers to uphold the idea of harnessing synergies to consolidate achievements of the Commissariat and envisaged new activities owing to changed dynamics and strategic directives.

“Foster harmony and understanding between the UPDF and the population so that the revolution remains intact,” said Maj Gen Masiko

In his Hand Over speech, Col Ba-hoku commended the UPDF leadership for the support and guidance he received while the D/CPC. He noted that upholding the right ideology is key to the survival of the country.

Col Aheebwa, in his acceptance speech promised to exercise teamwork that he said is neccesary for progress.

The Political Commissariat is responsible for ensuring correct ideology in the UPDF. This is achieved through ideological training at all levels of training in the UPDF.

The Hand/Take Over function at the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs Headquarters in Mbuya was attended by Commissioner for Patriotism Brig Gen Patrick Mwesigye and Directors under the UPDF Political Commissariat.

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