Commitment, Resilience, Cooperation Celebrated as Rotary Declares Victory over Polio

Rotary’s tremendous victory over the wild Poliovirus in the African region has been attributed to cooperation and resilience. Rotary and its members have so far contributed nearly US$890 Million towards the total eradication of POLIOVIRUS in Africa.

While presiding over a press briefing on Wednesday 26 August 2020, at Kampala club, past district governor 9211(Uganda and Tanzania), Robert Nsibirwa said that a number of lessons among which includes commitment, resilience and cooperation which played the most important role in the triumph.

‘’it is very important for all of us to learn that when we come together, when you leverage resource, there is no challenge too big to overcome,’’ said Robert.

Adding: ‘’Rotary and its partners have showed that the fiercest pandemic has been fought off the face of the African continent through leveraging resources, partnerships, commitment and resilience.”

H stressed that innovation and bravery also contributed to the success especially in times of war and conflicts in the affected regions.

He also said that the news of Africa’s certification as polio virus free was uplifting and that such hope can be used in the fight against COVID19 that is currently ravaging the world.

‘’We are now living in sensitive and critical times where we have to watch our backs as we try to fight and keep ourselves free of COVID19 which is ravaging the world. Receiving news such as this gives us hope that if we work hard as a team and commit ourselves to the fight, we can and will win just as we have done with Polio,” he said.

Meanwhile the Rotary International President Holger Knaack also added his voice in a statement noting that making Polio a disease of the past is an achievement worth celebrating and that the tremendous effort of Rotarians and partners can never be overlooked.

‘’I am particularly grateful for the Rotary members throughout Africa and around the world who have dedicated themselves to making polio a disease of the past,’’ said Holger.

Rotary started contributing funds to fight polio in the first and biggest ever private initiative against polio dubbed polio plus in 1985. Since then, rotary has contributed more than US$2.1 billion dollars and countless voluntary hours to eradicate polio in Africa and the word at large.

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