I Received Information about the Pending Kidnap of Our Children – Bobi Wine Speaks about Hiding his Children in the US as Uganda Heads to Elections

our effort is to ensure they don't kidnap one of these minors and try to use them to coerce us into subjugation

By Innocent Vuga

Presidential candidate, Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine has come out to explain why he relocated part of his family to the United States, just six days to the Election Day.

“When I received information about pending physical attacks on me, my wife, and the kidnap of our children, friends in the diaspora reached out to us, offered to host them for a while.”

“That does not mean that my wife or I are any safer by remaining around. But our effort is to ensure they don’t kidnap one of these minors and try to use them to coerce us into subjugation!” Bobi Wine said during his interview with NBS Television.

The pop star-turned-politician sympathised with the ‘desperate regime propagandists’ who wanted to use his children’s travel as a tool to de-campaign him.

Mr. Wine has seen a number of people close to him being violently arrested and some killed by brutal Ugandan security forces, which perhaps creates fear about the safety of his children.

Wine’s body guard, Mr. Francis Senteza was allegedly run over by a military truck last month, his music producer Dan Magic hurt by a teargas canister, while his long-time friends – Nubian Li and Eddy Mutwe remain in custody.

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