KADAGA: Busoga Vote was Economic not Political

By Innocent Vuga

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga articulated on Capital Gang on Saturday that the small margin win for NUP candidate in Busoga region was not political but rather an economic issue.

Kadaga said some voters chose to protest the current state of poverty on the ballot and the result was a single digit percentage win for Bobi Wine.

Despite insignificant single digit win win for presidential, NUP got only 1 MP out of 44 in Busoga. Also the whole East where NRM got 120 MPs, NUP has only 2.
The Speaker illuminated that NRM Government has the capacity to address the underlying issues affecting the people of Busoga. Kadaga said for example, Basoga aren’t happy with the low price of sugar cane and the unfettered market controlled by the Sugar dealers at the detriment of the local farmers. Indeed the poor economic model adopted during the establishment of sugar industry in Busoga is responsible for the current poverty and resentment.
Hopefully, Speaker said working on the market issue and venturing into other products from sugar cane and its byproducts are going to address the current crisis and also uplift the quality of life of the affected population.
Kadaga, known for objectivity and independent thinking, also touched on the poor state of infrastructure saying Basoga only see one road to have been fully done by the government. She said infrastructure development is pivotal for growth and should also be addressed to endear the population to NRM.
During the same talkshow, Kiira Municipality Member of Parliament, Semujju Nganda quoted Dr. Kizza Besigye, who once said Busoga has become the headquarters of poverty.

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