Kadaga to MPs: There is Life after Parliament

By Komakech Nicholas
The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has recommended the outgoing Mps for the distinguished services they have rendered to Parliament and Uganda at large and appealed to them to find ways of accepting that there is life after parliament.
Kadaga said this while officiating at the opening of a two days seminar named life after parliament which is organized by parliament to orient the MPs who never made it for the 11th parliament that there is life after parliament.
Kadaga noted that the outgoing MPs have given in all their time and life to do parliament work most especially when it came to budget time and the other work during the committee sittings and during plenary sittings.
She has questioned them to find new ways of navigating the new life outside parliament so has to live comfortably.
Albert Charles Okello Oduman the former MP for Bukedea County in the 8th parliament informed the outgoing legislators that they have to first accept that they are no longer members of parliament and if they do so everything will be soft for them.
He has also asked them to give space for the newly elected members to do their work and spend more time on discovery to reorganize themselves if they want to make a return.
He has asked them to leave the mourning mood and organise their finances plus repositioning themselves.
The Executive Director of Enterprise Uganda, Charles Ocici appealed to the outgoing MPs to reset their minds and stop blaming themselves for not making it again to the 11th parliament if they are to prosper financially when
they are out of parliament and he has also pledged to them to reorganise their cash flows because now they can’t spend the same way has they have been when they are MPs.
Dokolo woman Mp who has been the chairperson of the seminar today Cecilia Ogwal also revealed that even the cabinet minister who are not goping to make it in the new cabinet also need this kind offer orientation to prepare them for the new life when they are not members of cabinet.

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