MUKULA: Buganda will not Determine the National Poll

By Vuga Innocent

The flamboyant National Resistance Movement party National Vice Chairman for Eastern Uganda, Capt. Micheal George Mukula has emphatically stated that the Buganda vote component is not going to be able to determine the overall national poll.

Mukula, who has for months sustained the mobilization and defection of opposition party leaders and members to the ruling party, said that those who believe Central Uganda is a game changer in the national are misinformed.

“The reality is that most misinformed people imagine that votes in central Buganda will determine national elections,” said Mukula.

The assertive former Minister and Legislator, explained that the determinant of Uganda’s poll is the rural vote which significantly accounts for 82%.

“Uganda’s national electoral votes are determined 82% by rural votes NRM remains in full control countrywide,” he said.

Mukula stressed that no singke tribe from among dozens can raise 17% of the total votes.

“No single Ethnic group among the 55 tribes in uganda can contribute more than 17% of the total Population of uganda. Political dynamics will only be determined by grassroots campaigns not sentiments,” he emphasized.

The opposition National Unity Platform are expecting to get most votes from Buganda but they are only concentrated in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono. NUP for example have no known candidates in Nakaseke, Nakasongola, Bukomansimbi, Kyotera and other districts in Buganda.

Some districts in Buganda like Nakaseke gave Museveni 80% of votes in 2016.

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