Museveni Orders IGP Ochola to Stop Random Shootings by Police, LDU

President Yoweri Museveni has ordered the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola to stop police and Local Defense Unit personnel from unnecessarily using bullets in managing civilian disagreements.
Museveni in a letter dated September 8, 2020 gave reference to shootings and killing incidents registered during the chaotic National Resistance Movement party primary elections in some parts of the country.
The President, who is also the Commander-in-Chief, described some of the Shootings as random and unnecessary.
“I am writing to order you to stop random shootings by the LDUs and Police, all under the command of Police,” said Museveni.
Adding: “There was an incident of shooting dead a person in Katakwi, one in Bugiri, two people in Isingiro etc. Analysis of these shootings show that many, if not all, of shootings were unnecessary.
Museveni pointed out that the shooting in Katakwi on the civilians fighting each other should have been handled differently.
“In Katakwi civilians were fighting among themselves during elections. Why not scare them by shooting in the air or simply arrest them?” he asked.
The President said for the case of Bugiri, where a security personnel was reportedly stoned, didn’t justify shooting to kill but arrest and prosecution should have been employed.
“It is said that in Bugiri, some members of the public stoned armed personnel. That was bad however shooting to kill shouldn’t have been the first option. They should have identified the stone thrower, arrested and prosecuted him,” said Museveni.
Museveni also brought to the attention of Ochola the Public Order Management command and riot control standing orders.
“However you know that Public Order Management, is well structured saying shooting must only be by command and not the individual security personnel letting off guns. Secondly the Standing Orders riot control should be followed including diplomacy by telling them (rioters) to disperse,” he said.
The Commander-in-Chief gave the IGP one month (Oct 15) to develop, print out gun use guideline booklets and distribute them to police and LDU.

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