NBS TV Cooking a Survey for Speaker in Favour of Oulanyah

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NBS Television is currently is doing a survey for the Speaker of the 11th Parliament with a predetermined figure at hand in favour of the deputy speaker, Jacob Oulanyah.
We have been reliably informed that the station, which has never independently produced any election survey, is already reaching out to Members of Parliament to get their views on the preferred Speaker of the 11th Parliament.
“The NBS poll is coming out next week in favour of Oulanyah. The figure is already determined,” said a source.
The known pollsters in the media industry are the New Vision and the Daily Monitor. Polls done by New Vision and Daily Monitor in the two previous elections projected Museveni as winner and indeed he won.
The rush to get a manipulated NBS TV survey is an attempt to downplay the two successive surveys done by the New Vision that gave the incumbent Rebecca Kadaga a comfortable lead against her opponents.
The last New Vision survey gave Kadaga 64% and Oulanyah 32%. The Forum for Democratic Change’s Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda has only 3%.

The NBS poll is set to be released before the third authentic poll of New Vision is published.
“They are working round the clock to make sure the NBS survey is out before that of the New Vision,” said a source.
Some of the NBS staff members have already shown bias against Rebecca Kadaga including the station’s news manager, Dalton Kawesa. Kawesa has in several posts on social media depicted Kadaga as not deserving a third term.

Dalton Kawesa had to put Kadaga’s photo meaning she is the detractor
NBS is also known for frequently inviting guests who are against Kadaga including ministers Betty Amongi of Kampala Capital City Authority, Michael Kiwanda of Tourism, Uganda Media Centre Executive Director Ofwono Opndo and others.

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