Parliament Postpones Debate to Ban Campaigns for Speaker

By Flavia Ahimbisibwe
Parliament has differed a debate on proposed Amendment of the Rules of parliament to ban campaigns for the speakership race.

This Rule was proposed by the Rules, Discipline and Privilege Committee Chairperson, Kenneth Ongalo , saying that the move is intended to ban use of foul language so the choice of words is befitting that of the office.

The committee report recommended that Rule 5 should be amended to bar candidates for the said positions from public campaigns, adding that public campaigns should not be permitted because there are high chances of hurting the dignity of the individuals concerned and in turn the institution of Parliament.

While debating on this proposed Rule members of parliament were divided on this matter whether to ban or to allow campaigns in the speakership campaigns.

Katikamu north member of parliament Abraham Byandala and Butemba county mp Pentagon Kamussime said that the proposal banning campaigns should be deleted and status quo remain to avoid camaigns misused to black mail each other.

The minister of state for Energy Sarah Opendi said that the committee should define public campaigns in the speakership race mean.

The member of parliament west Budama south Richard Okot Othieno ,it can be abused to pulldown the speaker by the interested party.

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga after members of parliament giving their thinking about the new proposed rule of parliament, she differed the debate on the matter and asked the Rules committee to review what needed to be prohibited in the speakers campaigns and report back.

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