Performance of Deputy Speaker Aspirants Revealed

By Ahimbisibwe Flavia
Summary: Jacob Oboth Oboth 85.1%, Robinah Rwakoojo 82.2%, Tayebwa Thomas 41.1% and Anita Among 25.6%.

The race for the Deputy of Speaker of Parliament of the coming 11th Parliament has attracted a number of candidates from both the ruling National Resistance Movement party and the opposition parties.
Some of the aspirants like Counsel Yusuf Nsibambi of Mawokoota South is coming for his first term in Parliament.
We have focused on four leading NRM aspirants since the ruling party has the highest and determining numbers of MPs in the 11 Parliament. NRM has maintained both the Speaker and Deputy Speaker positions since the return to multiparty system.
The four include Jacob Marksons Oboth Oboth of West Budama South, Gomba district woman MP Rwakoojo Robinah Gureme, Ruhinda North MP Tayebwa Thomas and Bukedea Woman MP Anita Among.
The last published Parliamentary Performance Scorecard of the third session (2018/2019) of the concluding 10th Parliament has revealed the performance of each candidate in the race for the deputy speaker. It was the last performance indicator produced before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to its knees.
Oboth Oboth has emerged the most performing legislator, among the four aspirants, scoring 85.1%. Oboth-Oboth is the current chairperson of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee and the former chairperson of the parliamentary Committee on Rules, Discipline and Privileges and the Committee on Natural Resources. He is also a serving member of the coveted parliamentary Business Committee that decides legislative activities in Parliament and other members include the Speaker and the deputy speaker, leader of government business and others. By the virtue of joining Parliament in 2011, Oboth Oboth is also the most senior legislator and steered three prominent committees of Parliament.
The Parliament Performance Scorecard places Robinah Rwakoojo number two among the contenders after scoring 82.2%. Mrs. Rwakooko deputizes Oboth Oboth in the leadership of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee. Interestingly, Oboth was one day heard celebrating the candidature of Rwakoojo saying she is the fruit of his noble mentorship.
Rwakoojo also chaired the select committee that investigated allegations of sexual harassment in the institutions of higher learning, giving her a great leverage in the third session of Parliament.
The Ruhinda North MP, Thomas Tayebwa came third with 41.1% in the 3rd session of Parliament. He is known to be an active participant in the two committees of National Economy and Natural Resources. Tayebwa is a successful businessman and a resourceful mentor and a mobilizer.
Bukedea Woman MP, Anita Among scored 25.6% in the 3rd session of Parliament. Her lesser participation can be attributed to change of political affiliation from Forum for Democratic Change to the ruling National Resistance Movement party, though she is serving as an independent MP in the 10th Parliament. It’s obvious that she couldn’t strongly support the government side while seated at her favourite opposition side.

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