Police Arrests Five of Its Own For Discreditable Conduct

Police in Nwoya has suspended and arrested its five officers who were video-recorded siphoning fuel from a fuel tanker that got an accident along Karuma- Arua highway in Nwoya District.

Sgt Okello Brian Sadik, Cpl Dragudu Cease, PC Oven Albert, PC Ocen Christopher and PC Adoro Anthony have been charged of discreditable conduct and pending disciplinary trial.

The viral video that showed these police officers siphoning fuel has sparked different criticism and views about the conduct of Police, others thinking it could have been an order from their superiors.

However, Police has disowned their conduct, saying they did it for personal gains.

“It was also established that police officers of integrated highway got involved in siphoning fuel into jerrycans for their personal gain in full watch by the public.” a Police statement read.

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