Shameless Nankabirwa Appears at Parliament, Congratulates Kadaga

The Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa has had the unbelievable guts to appear at Parliament and sat just two meters away from Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker she condemned just few days ago.

MPs were reportedly shocked on Tuesday to see the over confident Nankabirwa arrives for the afternoon sitting and headed straight to her usual front bench seat near the Speaker’s chair.

“I have now believed there are people in Uganda without a single sense of shame. Honestly, I didn’t expect this woman to get near the Speaker after fighting her (Kadaga) so much,” an MP was quoted on a WhatsApp group text.

The sitting started with senior Ministers and Members of Parliament from both the National Resistance Movement and the Opposition congratulating Kadaga for defeating Persis Namuganza, a junior lands Minister, who chose to negatively use blackmail as her signature campaign style.

Ministers including Katumba Wamala for Works and Transport, Betty Kamya of lands and others congratulated Kadaga for winning the NRM 2nd National Vice Chairperson Female, the race she was openly fought by the State agencies.

The Kawempe North MP Latif Ssebagala, Bulamaogi county MP, Keneth Lubogo; among others praised Kadaga for defeating the negative forces and being declared the winner.

Kadaga was on Friday morning declared the winner by the NRM Electoral Commission Chairman, Tanga Odoi after garnering 6,776 votes against Namuganza’s 3,882 votes.

After seeing everyone including her cabinet colleagues congratulating and praising Kadaga, Nankabirwa had to difficultly swallow her pride and enter Rome; where you do what everyone else is doing.

“Right Honorable Speaker, allow me to join my voice to those who have congratulated you and your Deputy for winning the CEC election,” said Nankabirwa.

Nankabirwa ferociously fought Kadaga and declared her an NRM enemy who is in bed with the opposition to weaken the ruling party.

The government chief whip’s hatred against Kadaga was however totally rejected by the NRM MPs and her cabinet colleagues, who instead became the polling agents of Kadaga.

Even in Nankabirwa’s own district of Kiboga, Kadaga won with 51 votes against Namuganza’s 23 votes.

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