Speaker Kadaga Exposes Nasty Elements Fighting Her

The speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has brought to light the people fighting her within government, saying most are fellow leaders from Busoga region.

Kadaga made the revelation on Wednesday while speaking during a radio talk show on Kamuli Broadcasting Services Radio (KBS radio)

The speaker pointed out state minister for Karamoja, Moses Kizige whom she accused of using cahoots of other leaders in Busoga to gang against her and make negative reports to President Museveni.

“I have disclosed how some fellow Basoga leaders in government are fighting me. Recently, State Minister Moses Kizige, in cahoots with other leaders, wrote a 13-point litany of complaints to President Museveni. I was summoned in State House, in their presence and I disproved them,”Kadaga said.

Kadaga also claimed that some of her detractors are telling people in Kamuli not to vote for her after emerging victorious in the recent CEC NRM polls against her nemesis and State Ministr for Lands, Persis Namuganza.

“Some detractors are telling voters that since I was voted to the CEC, I deserve no other vote. This is a lie. The CEC was a party matter. I still have to seek legitimacy from voters, for the NRM primaries; for next year’s parliamentary elections; and for speakership,” she said.

“For the past few days, I have been camped in Kamuli, my constituency, talking to my campaign agents. I look forward to victory in the NRM primaries.”

When contacted for a comment, minister Kizige made all his phones busy.

State House meeting

A meeting called by President Museveni at State House in July failed to reach a conclusion after Kadaga insisted on privately revealing the names of people fighting her.

The meeting had Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah, NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba, Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa, and State minister for Urban Development Isaac Musumba who were to defend themselves against accusations by Kadaga that they were undermining her in Busoga.

At the height of CEC campaigns, Nankabirwa released an audio where she urged voters to shun Kadaga in favor of her competitor Persis Namuganza.

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