Tanga Odoi Petitions Museveni over Bushenyi NRM Campaign Violence


The National Resistance Movement (NRM) electoral commission says it has petitioned President Museveni to handle Bushenyi District party chairman, Hajj Jaffar Basajjabalaba, for allegedly fuelling election violence and dividing party members in the ongoing primaries.

In a telephone interview with Daily Monitor, the party electoral commission chairman, Dr Tanga Odoi, said as the organ responsible for party elections, they will not tolerate the growing acts of indiscipline among some candidates characterised by excessive arrogance, violence, impunity, intimidation and ego. He said some cases will be referred to the party disciplinary committee.

“Indiscipline is growing and we have decided to refer all the future cases to the party disciplinary committee. In Bushenyi, the district chairman Hajj Basajjabalaba is accused of dividing the NRM party and we have sent a petition to President Museveni to handle him,” Dr Odoi said.

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