Team Oulanyah Resorts to Propaganda as Kadaga is Favourably Set to Retain Speakership

By our writer

The battle for the next Speaker of Parliament has taken a dramatic campaign lane as team supporting the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, launch fabrications against Rebecca Kadaga.

Regional and gender factors coupled with the significant adoration most Members of Parliament have for Kadaga, has by far put the Kamuli woman MP in a favourable position for the Speaker against Oulanyah.

The three factors and many others have evidently made the team Oulanyah to desperately start authoring opinions and false stories.

The first lengthy propaganda by a pseudo name, Andrew Miti, against Kadaga was published on social media and some online news sites on Sunday, a day after the Speaker appeared on Capital Gang and declared the interest to retain her seat, which is her constitutional right. The opinion claimed that Kadaga like media attention and is responsible for the NRM “defeat” in Busoga in the last elections.

The second propaganda was posted on Wednesday afternoon on WhatsApp by Job Matua claiming that Kadaga is being fronted by foreign interests and the ruling NRM party should quickly disassociate form her.

Third opinion also on Wednesday was done by the pseudo author, Miti, who baselessly claimed that Kadaga wants to be President. “Those close to her (Kadaga) have confessed that the woman wants only one thing now: To be the first woman President of Uganda. All her eyes are on that,” said part of the propaganda.

It is now clear that the pro-Oulanyah, well aware of the impending defeat, have resorted to deceitful means to create a non-existent friction between Kadaga, President Yoweri Museveni and the whole NRM.

Those on Kadaga’s side have however maintained all their energies only on selling her candidature and desisted from mentioning the name of Oulanyah.

The Kadaga team for example produced a qualitative statistics on Tuesday indicating that NRM did better in Busoga than in Acholi and also Eastern performed better than North.

“In Acholi out of 28 MPs, NRM got only 14 (50%) compared to 80% in Busoga where out of 44 MPs, NRM got 35,” said part of the analysis.

It should be noted that single opposition took an MP seat in Kamuli district but a DP won in Oulanyah’s Omoro district.

Regionally, out of 98 elected MPs in the North, NRM & NRM Independents are 70 (71%) compared to 91% (153) NRM & NRM Independent elected MPs from the East out of 166.

Kadaga is on numerous advantageous grounds and has made the Oulanyah team failed to market his candidature but decided to deploy deceitful means against the former.

The heads of Executive and Judiciary are both men making it sensibly impossible for a man to take the leadership of the Legislature.

Again, President Museveni and Chief Justice, Owiny Dollo hail from Western and Northern respectively automatically putting someone from either East or Central in a better position to be the Speaker of 11th Parliament.

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