UBOS Wants 350Bn to Conduct Population Census in 2023

By Ahimbisibwe Flavia
The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) is seeking for 350 billion shillings to enable them conduct the housing and population census in 2023.
The executive director of the bureau Chris Mukiza while appearing before parliament’s committee on finance informed members of parliament that even though they had earlier planned to conduct the census next year they have decided to push it due to financial constraints.
Mukiza says that they want the government to allocate them an extra 130 billion shillings in the next financial year to enable them carry out pre-census activities like being able to map the country, know where the households are located, procure equipment, and recruit staff among others.
Mukiza says that even though they had planned to carry out these activities they have realized that they do not have the necessary resources to start the process which he says would have left them in trouble.
He says that they now want to handle all these activities in the next financial year and then they will carry out the census in 2023.
Mukiza also says that this time around they plan to use hand held devices during data collections which he says that will enable them to check the data submitted while still in the field and if they get any inconsistencies it will be corrected immediately.
He says that before they have been using papers to collect data but during the next census they will procure hand held devices which he says they are yet to procure.
The minister of state for planning David Bahati after being tasked by members of parliament on failure to adequately finance the bureau noted that due to COVID-19 government has constraints in resources and they are trying to restrain from borrowing.

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