Why Kadaga, David Bahati and Frank Tumwebaze Registered Highest Wins in NRM Primaries

By Innocent Vuga

The NRM primaries that started yesterday have had a lot of drama, lessons for the electorate and candidates, but what cannot be ignored is the overwhelming support Rebecca Kadaga, David Bahati and Frank Tumwebaze got in their respective constituencies.

The highest three wins of the day were from: Rebecca Kadaga who got a 95.5% win (polled 11,598 votes beating her opponent Deborah Mwesigwa who got only 551 votes) in Kamuli district NRM flag, David Bahati who got 90% ( polled 45,245 votes to defeat Simpson Mpirirwe who polled 5029) in Ndorwa West NRM flag bearer competitions, while Kibale East’s Frank Tumwebaze scored 82%.

In her appreciation message, Speaker Kadaga promised to fight for three key issues, which will partly be a catalyst to development of Kamuli District. These are: reconstruction of the Kimaka(Jinja) to Bukungu landing site; the ferry and the Namasagali Maritime University.

David Bahati appreciated and thanked his voters, so did Frank Tumwebaze.

Why did these three candidates rise above the ordinary? 

Speaker Kadaga is seen as Busoga’s messiah, and this explains why she is called ‘Mama Busoga’ She has been at the fore front in improving education in Busoga, fighting for Women’s rights and funding community development businesses to elevate the economic standards of the locals. It is through this work of identifying and associating herself with people at the grass-root level that earns her this tremendous support.

In Kibale East, Frank Tumwebaze is called ‘omuchunguzi’ literally meaning the savior. From the time Frank went to Parliament, he has delivered what he promises in his campaigns. He doubles as a Minister, and has used his power and influence in Parliament and the Cabinet to lobby for his constituency. Kibale East constituency has in 4 years registered good coverage of water, electricity & telecommunications. He plans to achieve 100% water coverage in all villages & complete electricity extension schemes to areas not yet covered like Ntonwa, Kyakeitaba, Biguli & others.Kibale County had only two gov’t aided secondary schools. In Frank’s 1st term Kibale East got two more fully functional secondary schools including Bwizi & Bihanga. Bwizi secondary school has also been given a state of the art infrastructure worth Shs 2.5b by the Govt.

David Bahati’s landslide victory may not be much questioned. He has been at the top of his game in serving the cabinet’s and the constituent’s interests. Bahati has for two consecutive sessions of Parliament been declared the overall best legislator with 98.7% and 91.3% leads and remains the most valuable debater on government side, a ranking that cannot be ignored by his electorate. As the State Minister of Finance for Planning in the Cabinet of Uganda, Bahati has used his authority reach to educate, equip and involve people of Ndorwa West in Government’s economic boost activities to its citizens.


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