Zambian President Edgar Lungu Lambasted for Congratulating Museveni

I am ashamed of how low you can stoop. This is a historical low for you.

By Innocent Vuga

The president of Zambia, Edgar Chagwa Lungu is under fire for sending a congratulatory message to president Museveni upon his recent win of an election that made him retain Uganda’s top office.

For his good track record of leadership, Zambians and other Africans took it upon themselves to ‘advise’ the 64-year-old president not to associate with a ‘traitor to democracy’ and a ‘shame to Pan-Africanism’

“For a man I have adored by the way you run Zambian affairs, I am ashamed of how low you can stoop. This is a historical low for you.” Jacob Mutuku commented.

A section of them opined that even if Lungu was convinced Mr. Museveni won, he should have not expressed it publicly given the controversies surrounding the results.

“You never miss an opportunity to embarrass yourself and the country [Zambia], do you? You would have just in boxed him.”Lenton Shamende, a Facebook user told Lungu.

President Lungu’s message to Mr. Museveni

Uganda held their polls Thursday, 14th January, 2021 after a heated campaign period that saw at least 50 killed and several injured in battles with the police.

Days to voting, Uganda was plunged into a social media blackout as authorities shut down the internet before deploying armed military men to patrol the streets. On the voting day, biometric voting kits failed to work, forcing the polling clerks to revert to manual voting, and after the results were announced and the incumbent declared president for yet another term, the government put opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) under house arrest.

Mr. Museveni, 76, joins other African leaders whose addiction to power has had them lead a Nation for more than three decades.

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